Wahmies® Deluxe One-Size Diaper

Wahmies® One-Size Diaper


We have an amazing diaper technology with a super soft, cozy and comfortable viscose of bamboo and organic cotton velour layer inside. A solvent free waterproof fabric that loops around the edges to create a barrier and makes side leaking a thing of the past. Included with each wahmies diaper is our fold to fit viscose of bamboo and cotton insert keeping the diaper absorbent and trim. You will be impressed by the soft inner fabric and very happy with the barrier we have created to keep baby and caregiver dry.

The front features three rows of snaps for a sure adjustment of small, medium, and large sizes to fit 7-30 pounds. Not only does Wahmies One Size with Hydro-Assure™ look adorable and soft, it is easy to wash too. Our Hydro-Assure™ diaper comes in to die for prints and colors! As with all Cloth Diaper Company products this Cloth Diaper is USA made. We are excited to bring you the latest in diaper technology.

– To Use: Adjust rise of diaper by snapping the front of the Wahmies Cloth Diaper to the correct size. Fold Bamboo Fold To Fit into the correct size to fit into the rise of the diaper. Insert into Wahmies One-Size with Hydro-Assure™ by pulling on the outer fabric. Bamboo velour is stretchy and can be worn prematurely by pulling on the velour to stuff. Pulling on the stronger outer fabric will keep your wahmies diaper looking brand new and fluffy. Place on baby and adjust snaps around the baby for a snug fit. Change after every use.

– To Wash: Wash using reduced detergent, no additives. Rinse fully and dry in dryer or line dry.

wahmies one-size

Why is Made In The USA so important?

Your wahmies diaper is made by workers paid a fair wage in favorable working conditions. No matter how much assurance you get from companies that produce oversees only Made In The USA products truly come from fairly treated and paid workers. Many foreign manufacturing companies have a “show factory” that they show to USA business people to create the illusion of fairly made products or clean up the factory on visit days.

Our core belief is to support our country and to strive to produce our products in an environmentally safe and USA centered fashion.  Thank you for supporting USA families!

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