Regular Wet Bag

The Wahmies® Fun Prints Wet Bag will hold your dampest diapers without wicking! Cute outer print with inner layer of PUL waterproof fabric. Bag closes with a zipper to keep smells where they belong. Constructed with the two layers sewn separately, heat bonded and hidden seams. Wahmies Fun Prints Wet Bags are now available in three sizes!

All Day Wet Bags

Each all day size Wahmies Wet Bag includes a 2.5″ x 5″ pad of fabric on which you can place a drop or two of tea tree oil or another essential oil, toss it in the bag…and odors are kept at bay. The pad can be laundered right along with your wahmies bag and diapers. Not just for Cloth Diapers! They are also great for swimming suits, towels, lunches, anything you can imagine.